Exoskeletons inspired by actual exoskeleton creatures, movies showing the futuristic flying suits or ironman, classic “6 Million Dollar Man” reruns or simply new bionic limbs designed to assist those who have lost a limb.

The Bionics of today are nothing like the “peg legs” or old or even the limbs from a decade ago.  Now we see limbs that blend in both form and function to be almost seemless.  They work well.  so well that they can create controversy in atheltic competitions over whether they create un unfair advantage over athletes with natural limbs.

Today’s bionics also are not just mechanical joints.  They may contain electronics that control grasp, or may have power to assist with walking up a set of stairs. How about limbs that can be controlled by thought.

As spelled out in Smithsonian magazine…The Future of bionics is exciting and full of inovation.