Military Transport Robots

We’ve all seen teh stories and pictures of Marines and other service members carrying obscene amount of gear as they head into combat.  Well this video shows a dog like contraption that can carry most of that gear and free the marine up for what he or she is trained for, combat.

I was reading how these robos appear t be like dogs, but they look more like cows to me.

Creepy snake robots

Natural Diasters, Building Collapses and other confined space rescues are difficult places for humans to operate.  We lack the flexibility and in general are too large to get into the pockets of safety that are created in collapsed buildings.

So how do rescue agencies deal with this?

First finding potential victims who have survived is done with microphones and dogs as to examples.  Once you find them, then safe access becomes the primary challenge.

Enter the Snake.  The Carnegie Mellon Biorobitics lab has developed just such a biorobitic snake to access these small spaces.

The video they have is fascinating.

Controlling Limbs with YOUR MIND!

He was able to move the limbs with his mind.  Both limbs.  This is a great example of some of the medical progress that can happen when combining robotics with biology.

I find it incredible that both limbs can be controlled with the mind at the same time.

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